Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hiring Discrimination? Screw that. We don’t care about that here anymore.

At least not when it comes to faith

How in the hell did I miss this? Or how was this not posted on the front page of every newspaper in the country? Are we so obsessed with useless news that we’re missing the real stuff? No, I don’t care which celebrities are hooking up and certainly not about this weird obsession with a pathological liar that killed his wife cause he was too much of a piece of shit to burden himself with any responsibilities.

All this coverage just to further another agenda of the conservative right to give the fetus rights. Get a clue people. People get killed everyday. There’s a reason for this much coverage. Ok, that’s another post for later.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I stumbled onto this information, but it’s apparently is what the president wants and so it’s probably going to be law. All signs seem to point that direction. It’s been going on for a couple of years now and with no one really challenging it I suppose it will be snuck in like that fucken RAVE Act.

So here’s the problem. As part of the president’s faith-based and community initiative, the president states that:

“When they (organizations) receive Federal funds, they should retain their right to hire those individuals who are best able to further their organizations’ goals and mission.”

What this means folks is that it is ok for companies to hire based on what religion you are. I’m not taking this out of context or making this up. This is what this initiative does. Check out the religious hiring rights handbook.

For some reason, the president and his cronies have this idea that the civil rights and religious liberties of faith-based organizations are under attack. The present laws states that no federal funds can be used directly for religious specific programs. The law prevents funds from going to religious groups. The whole idea behind separation between church and state. This idea which this country was founded on, now is under attack by the president.

So hence, he and the voices that guide him has began this crusade to overthrow these type of laws. With these new laws, a religious organization will be allowed to hire people not based on any type of skill or job competencies, but simply based on faith (i.e. – Christian organization can hire only Christians, Jewish organizations only Jews, etc.)

After so many people have worked so hard to get civil rights for everyone back in the 60s, this one act by such a misguided president can undo any and all that people have worked for in giving people basic civil rights.

Companies are not allowed to discrimination based on race, gender, age, disabilities, or national origin when making hiring decision. It’s completely insane that religion is no longer going to be a protected class. I mean, just imagine not getting a job not because you’re not capable or willing, but just because of your faith. That is what this act will allow organizations do.

This is a big problem that will spread like a horrible disease. A horrible, horrible infectious disease.

Hire individuals who are best able to “further their organizations goals and mission” is so vague that it can be translated into a number of things. In their insanely narrow-minded and prejudice goal to make this a strictly Christian based country, they are destroying all that this country was founded for. The religious fanatics behind this are the real terrorists. These are the type of people we are fighting with overseas right now. These religious freaks in our own country are the ones who hate the real American way of life. A way that is tolerant and accepting of all that are here.

ARGHHHH!! Why don’t you people see this?!?!

I can’t write about this anymore. My heart’s beginning to pound much to fast. Please take a read at the document and be afraid. Very very afraid.

Why Religious Hiring Rights Must be Preserved

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