Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Conspiracy Theory Wednesday ~Updated~
There are a couple of things going on in the world that isn’t sitting right with me. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll share them with you and give you my take on it.

Another minimally reported church scandal

In a Louisiana church, so far nine people (including the pastor) have arrest warrants on them for sexual abuse of children. The former pastor told deputies he had been having sex with children for many years and "also educated the children as to how to perform sexual acts with each other and with animals,"

Animals? What the fuck? Among other charges, the pastor is being charged with ‘one count of crimes against humanity for alleged sexual acts involving animals’.

Why isn’t this spread all over the papers and headlines? Is it because it involves a church and no good church people can possible do something like this? Were there no pretty children in the abused for you to over sensationalize? Did this not happen in a higher economic status area or with a different population? Why something of this magnitude isn’t brought to people’s attention is beyond me.

Much like the under-reported dealing of the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, why is it that when it’s a group of people (especially church related), that the story becomes grossly under reported. Does this story not deserve at least 1/1000 airtime of Jacko?

Are we living in a society where we give halos to anyone who follows ‘the norm’ that some have set? And when one of halos strays, everyone simply sweeps it under the rug? What I mean by this is that there were at least 2 church going married couples (man-woman) involved in this atrocity. Could that have anything to do with the under reporting?

For all you who thinks legalizing same-sex marriages will somehow lead to animal sex and animal marriage, guess what? Apparently straight church going married people are way ahead of you.

Crisis in Asia

I think we should look for a Sith Lord at the helm of the Chinese government.

From the look of things, and probably without Kim’s knowing, North Korea is nothing more than a puppet of China. Most in the know (not that I’m claiming I’m in the know.... or am I?) will tell you that North Korea will jump at any command from China.

On one front, China is on the side of the US and other countries in trying to keep the North Koreans from reaching nuclear capabilities. However, China is also the one advising the North Korean on what to do and say. China is playing both sides and they will be the only winner in this.

Here’s my theory.
This entire crisis is over resources, in particular oil and financial resources/power. China WANTS to escalate this situation between North Korea and the US, perhaps to the level of war.

A war would be ideal for China. A war would get rid of an annoyance of China (North Korea), while seriously further drain the US resources and economy. A drain in the US resources will allow China to really step up as a superpower in the world. As such, China will be better able to negotiate buying up resources, such as oil, from other parts of the world (who wants to sell to a country in so much debt when there’s another one paying better prices and in cash?).

With a growing industrial nation, China needs more resources than ever to continue its growth. The US is the biggest consumer of resources, and if they are able to make it seem like a better solution/idea to sell resources to China instead of the US, then they will have the resources they need to grow.

Another reason to escalate a war in Asia is China’s desire to take back Taiwan. China has been threatening for decades now, but has never been able to invade due to Taiwan’s good relationship with the US. If there were to be a war in Asia, China can then easily invade Taiwan and take it back without any fears from the US (US wouldn’t dare fight China or even piss them off for fears that they would help the North Koreans). Taiwan will then be a sacrificial gift for China from the US.

The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Search your feelings. You know this is all true :)

~ Update ~

Execute Plan 66!

I really think the government is on to me.

My monitor at work has suddenly and mysteriously become dysfunctional and stop working. The IT dept is refusing to replace it because I technically still have a monitor on my laptop. Therefore forcing me to stare at my little ass laptop screen and giving me a headache.

I’m out of beer, bacon, and Jack at the house. I was left with only vegetables last night for dinner. This one may not be a government conspiracy as much as I’m not doing enough shopping.

I’ve seen at least 4 police cars behind or beside me in the last day since this post.

Someone called in the middle of the night and didn’t leave a message.

You won’t scare me with you little tactics government people! I won't be stopped! :p

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