Monday, May 16, 2005

Ultimate Weekend


After an 8+ year absence from tournament play, Pup was back in action this weekend at Mayfest KC. KC’s Ultimate Frisbee tournament. The weather was great, there were a couple hundred players from several states in the mid-west, the beer was flowing all weekend. Good times for all.

I had originally planned to play with a team of people from pick-ups that I play with here twice a week. Unlike other things the group does, there was a huge turnout for this weekend.

After our first game, a guy from a team in Nebraska came by to ask if there were any extra people wanting to switch teams because most of their people didn’t show and they were playing without subs (a very painful and non-enjoyable thing during tournament).

So me and a couple of guys switched over and played with them the rest of the weekend. It was fun as we won the first game!! Yay! That’s all I was looking for. Mark 1 on the ol’ W column. It was a good thing I didn’t have very high expectation as we got slaughtered during our next 2 games.

‘All About the O’

That was the name of the team I was playing with this weekend. What did it mean? Omaha (where the team was from)? Offense? Organization? Odor? Scoring 0 points during a game? Or simply what all of you are thinking of?

Just as we’ll never know what the P in “OPP” means, this will always be open to interpretations.

'Not that I needed anymore reasons to move to Canada'

There were these 3 young gals from Canada (Winnipeg) that came down to play with my original team. They made me want to be a Canadian badly. Not only were they great players, but fun, spirited, and of course quite cute. During one of the later games when everyone was drinking red bull or Gatorade to keep hydrated and their energy up, these girls reached into the cooler and popped open some beers.

Not that they were the first to be drinking, but it was still very awesome to see. Even more impressive than that, after drinking, the gals became amazing and unstoppable. Their throws were perfect, they always knew where each one would be at all times, they laid-out (dive) for everything. Generally kick ass. It was So Sweet.

'Sun burrrrrned – Ouch!'

This is something that just started in the last few years. I used to NEVER get sunburned and I was out in the sun a lot more back then, but I’m currently a nice lobster red. After being out all Saturday (~9am -6pm) I was pretty fried. The 4 hours or so on Sunday also did not help. However, by Sunday I had wised up and finally succumb to using sun block which I can’t stand. Sadly, too little too late.

I really should take some pics of me right now. I’m seriously ridiculously red.

'Shot Gun Intimidation'

One team (orange) we played on Saturday beat us 13-0. It was sad and people cried at the sight of how badly we were being slaughtered. The spectators were yelling ‘Mercy’ as we only pass the 50 yd line twice during the whole game. I kept hoping a Rocky song would come on and we would make the comeback of the tournament, but that wasn’t going to happen.

The orange team seemed unstoppable as they then played the green team. I wasn’t paying much attention to the game, but it seem like the green team was holding its own. When I finally went back to the team to get ready for the next game, I asked how the game turned out.

Apparently, not only did the green team hold their own, but they thumped the orange team badly. Goes to show you, anyone can be beat. Maybe not by us, but by someone.

So who do we play next? Of course. They green team.

We did the only logical thing to prepare for the game. We started drinking. A lot. We’re not being pessimistic, but even if everyone played their best game ever, we may score only 5-6 points.

When it was time to start, everyone on the team got out there with a fresh can, shot gunned it, then proceed to run down the field like crazies. Apparently, the shocking stunt worked as we scored the first point due to a freak play in the end zone. We lost the game 13-1, but it was a moral victory for us.

'Who's Your Father?'

4 more days till Star Wars!! Who’s with me at 12:01am?! I watched all 3 hours of the animated Clone Wars this weekend and I’m now all fired up about it.

Happy Monday!

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