Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pup's 15 Lost Questions
Answered by T

1) I see myself alone lost on an island. Maybe you and Ko are there; I haven't found you yet.

2) What would I like to find? a) A magic Djinni lamp. b) Rare earth materials. Something neat like dilithium crystals to power the warp drive engine, duh.

3) The first thing I'd do is go, "Damn." Then I'd go exploring until I find you and Ko. And if I don't find you, I'd keep exploring.

4) If being thrown on a deserted island is some sort of metaphor for purgatory, then I'm already there. Someone wants me to do something that will better me, and I won't do it for some odd reason.

5) If I hear drumming, I'd find the source. I'd want to join in and drop the bass, but I'd scout it out first.

6) Skills? I think it would be fun and painful to become a practical medic. If Ko's there, it would be even more fun. "A poisonous spider bit your toe? Well I gotta sever your leg with this dull arrow head." I take that back. I'd like to learn ritual magic become a witch doctor. That would rock.

7) Yeah, like I'm people person as it is. I'd have to isolate myself until I discover a way to a) kill them, b) eat them, c) work with them. Prolly c.

8) I wouldn't make a suggestion. I'd let the leader step up. Of course this will never work since people want to select a leader to watch him/her fail. So I'd have a test of basic survival skills. Catch some fish and prepare dinner for 3. Using the berries on the island, make a refreshing drink. With these twigs, make some clothes, etc.

9) Hell yeah, bitch!

10) A theme song...that's tough. I will survive! Gloria Gainer. You thought you had me!

11) And the batteries in the gameboy are dead? If it were just me, I'd burn shit. If I were with others, I'd tell ghost stories and shit like that.

12) What would I want that I could never give up if I were forced to leave? I would believe that I'm not alone. I would believe that some female were there with me. But I could never find her. I'd believe earnestly that she's out there for me.

13) Animal? Nah, man. I don't do no pets. Though it would be cool to see the same monkey everyday. I'd never go near him/her. I'd throw food at it. Call it Fred regardless of gender. It'll kill me in the end.

14) Plan to escape. Well I can't swim. I think I'd stay. No sense in leaving.

15) Dude, I'm naked!

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