Friday, May 06, 2005

Maybe things aren’t that boring. Maybe I’m just boring.

That’s a very scary thought for me.

I can’t think of anything to write. Blame it on all the snot in my nose that’s stuffing up my creativity or imagination. You know the kind. It’s not runny, it’s just this thick slime that’s glued to your nose. If you try blowing it out, you risk blowing your brains out cause that’s how much force it would require. Breath it in is also not an option as it goes down your throat and forms nasty luggies.

Ok, I’m grossing myself out now.

The following are all that can be squeezed through my wall slimy mucus.

- I feel a bit bored. Both here at work and generally in life. I was in school for SO long, and while in school, there was always the goal of finishing your degree and getting a job. Those goals seem so far away for so long, but now I’ve finished and I’ve gotten myself a nice job. Now what? It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve graduated. I think I really need to think of another big goal to work for.

- Yes, my island of evil monkey empire is still a goal I’m working for.

- I'm looking into finally taking my GED practice exam later this month.

- This maybe just me, but I think it’s kinda strange. I don’t do this on purpose, but I always notice that my boxers usually match what I’m wearing for the day. I usually don’t notice till after work when I change out of my work clothes. I bet you didn’t care to know that but now it’s burned in your brain and you’ve lost actual useful information. Bwahahahaha.

- I may actually sign up for high speed internet next week. I still don’t see what I need it for. I’m on the computer the entire time I’m at work and so I’m hardly ever on the computer when I get home.

- Don’t waste your money on House of Wax. I watched it for free earlier this week and I wanted to ask for a refund.

- 2 months and 10 days left till Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out.

- Feel free to disagree, but I think Potter needs to get killed at the end of the series. It may just be my fascination with tragic heroes, but I think that would be a very good ending. A final battle where Potter would have to sacrifice himself to save the world and his friends. That’d be very sad, and children Prozac prescriptions would probably double. I’m tearing up a little even thinking of it, but I think that would be the best possible ending.

- I saw Sarah McLachlan last weekend. I heart Sarah. I’m seeing The Killers next Tuesday. My concert schedule rules lately. Wish I could’ve gotten NIN tickets, but no go :(

- An email with the subject: ‘Vegas’ are my favorite kind of emails.

- Remember its Mother’s Day this Sunday. Don’t be an ungrateful ass and forget to do something.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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