Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yet another sign of my oldness

I went to see The Killers in concert last night. If you look at the link, they are indeed that cool looking in real life too. Especially the lead singer. He had a jacket and a bow tie. Very cool.

More importantly, they are a great live band. The lead singer sounded better live than on the CD. That’s always a nice thing to hear. I hate going to see a band only to find out what they sound like on a CD has been heavily doctored (yea you Corgan).

However, several things were disturbing to me during the concert and made me feel old.

- The crowd was SO young. I’m not talking early 20s young. I’m talking around 13 - 16 young. Every time one bumped up against me I felt dirty and thought I was breaking the law. The only thought going through my head was ‘there’re laws to protect them against people like you’. But your honor, I was just standing there!

- How did these kids have money to go to a concert? I certainly could never get any money to see a concert.

- The concert was general admission and we got there relatively close to when the first band was going to start. Amazingly we found parking pretty easily (there are no pay lots, just neighborhoods to park in). We soon realized when we were in the concert place that half of the people here got dropped off by their parents.

- $8 for a Miller Lite draft is just ridiculous.

- During the show, some drunken asshat tried to start a mosh pit by himself by slamming into everyone (mostly girls around him). When the girls push back, he started getting more aggressive and pushing harder. One guy eventually grabbed him and took him to the side where the security took him away.

- During that interaction, I had a red bull and vodka and half a beer spilled on me. Good times.

- Here is my big problem with this scenario as the asshat was pushing everyone around. Not even 5 years ago, T and I would go to punk/metal shows looking for mosh pits and would be ready to open up a can in the pit. Last night, I just kinda sat there being amused by it all. Man, I’m losing my anger and need to step on that boy’s throat. I’m losing my edge. I need to get back the eye of the tiger.

- The following $8 Miller Lites seem equally ridiculous. Yet, somehow they still get bought.

- The concert didn’t start till 9pm, so after the opening band, the Killers, and an after show drink, I got home around 2am. Unlike my previous life (about 5 years ago), I was unable to wake up this morning.

- I tried drunk dialing on my drive home. I think people on my phone list are on to me to not pick up their phones at 1am in the morning when I call. One day, I will actually have an emergency and need to talk to someone and I’ll be SO screwed.

Overall, the concert was great. I give it an A for quality of band and B for overall excitement. I have pretty high standards for excitement. So far, only Prodigy, NIN, and Manson have received an A for excitement.

Wednesdays are usually meeting free. It’s very odd that no one EVER calls meetings on Wednesdays. This is a good thing. Especially today.

On other good news that doesn’t affect your life much. I got on a team for the Mayfest tournament this weekend! It’s for Ultimate Frisbee, by far the best game out there, not that I’m biased or anything. I haven’t played in a tournament since college days (wow that’s a long time ago). Some of the club players (those are the really good players) came out to the pick-up games last night.

It was just sad/amusing (like watching someone having something thrown at the crotch) watching me try to guard them and I will have to guard them all weekend. D’oh.

I’ll try not to embarrass myself too much or break anything. I did dive for the disc a couple of times yesterday and didn't feel too bad after so that's a good sign.

That is all.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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