Monday, May 02, 2005

Master of my domain

That is what I was not this weekend. No, not with that sicko, my actual living space.

With 2 additional parental units and 3 small child units, nothing about my bachelor pad was really my domain this weekend.

After experiencing it first hand for a weekend, I must give some mad props to all the parents out there, especially single parents, for all that you have to do to raise a kid. You’re better people than me.

It always makes me think of my parents. They must really have a ton of patients. I can’t remember too much of what I was like when I was a kid, but I’m willing to bet I was one of the worst ones out there. You see, I’m a bit high maintenance. I admit it.

However, my parentals were allowed to beat us with thin bamboo sticks too so that really even out the playing field a bit.

It was a good time though. It’s nice to see kids get excited over things that most adults have grown too cynical to enjoy.

For example, going to a park. Being a single guy, it’d be awkward if I just went to a local park and either stare at the kids or play on the play set thingy. I don’t want to be that guy. You know that guy. The creepy guy that’s just a bit too old to be where they’re supposed to be. I bet wearing my “I heart soccer moms” shirt doesn’t make me less creepy either.

These Jungle Jims (I know it’s gym, I just like the idea of a Jungle Jim) sets are a lot different than I remembered in the old days. The ones I played with were all rusty and metallic. One wrong move and you’ve got tetanus. Instead, they have this nice hard plastic now. My Jungle Jim had things that you could easily hurt yourselves on like monkey bars and merry-go-rounds. Nothing like that now. Everything seemed way too safe. All the slides seem short and non slippery too. It’s no fun when a slide doesn’t shoot you at least 10 feet out.

Anyway, those park things are fun and having a kid with you gives you a pass to play on those things. My favorite was the little animal that you sit on that’s attached to a big spring. That’s a good time.

On a completely unrelated note. I got this from Sloth, but I thought it was important enough to share. It’s utterly disgusting. A judge claims that a 13 yr. old is not old enough to make a rational decision about an abortion?! WTF? So you’re saying a 13yr old is old enough to be a single mom? Good logic ASS. Where the hell are those people arguing for a judicial review now?

Why isn't this anywhere in the national US media? Why the hell do we have to get this kind of news from the BBC? Damn you people.

You know, with the recent gun laws passed in FL and now this, FL is like a little Iran with theme parks. Choices? Freedom for individuals? Yea, we're not really doing that anymore here. 200 yrs was a good run. Let's try fanatic religious theocracy for a while.

Pretty soon, maybe we’ll even get back to stoning. I bet these same people think this sounds like a good idea. Fuckers.

Happy 4 more days till Friday!

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