Tuesday, May 31, 2005

So much to do…. Yet, I’m still here blogging
Yup, that pretty much sums things up for me right now. To be fair, I did go the weekend without logging on at all this weekend.

Here are the tid-bits that are flowing around my head.

- I went to a baseball game this weekend. I am now 1-10 at games this year. This is with 3 different teams too. No home team EVER wins when I’m there. They really outta pay me not to go. I can just imagine it now when I go next time. “Yea… sir. You’re not welcomed here anymore. Please go.”

- I got some nice props for my “I heart soccer moms” shirt this weekend. The guys found it funny. The moms giggled. Although the married guys were NOT at all amused.

- After this weekend, I think I’m going to slow down/stop on the ol’ drinking for a while. I think my tolerance has gotten incredibly high again. It’s just way too much effort/money to even get a buzz now. I have to wait till next week because there’s a wedding this weekend and it’s so on.

- It's really nice to go exploring a city with someone. I've traveled a lot by myself in random cities and though there's fun good things about that, it's definitly much better to share it with someone else.

- If you were one of the lucky recipients of my drunk calling this weekend, I bet you had yourself a good laugh. I was leaving messages with the lyrics from ‘We are the world’. “Hey ___, you know, we are the world. We are the children. We ARE the ones to make a brighter day... so let’s start giving. Give damn it GIVE!!” It would go on like that for as long as your answering machine would let me.

To tell you the truth though, I wasn’t drunk. I hadn’t even had anything to drink. I was just feeling generally silly.

- I really should think about having less recorded records of my drunkenness. This will surely come back to bite me in the ass later when I run for public office. You know you want me in office. You NEED me in office!

- Like millions of other Americans this past Friday, I went out and got a powerball ticket for the 215 million dollar jackpot. However, unlike most other people who play the lottery, I don’t bother with checking the numbers to see if I’ve won or not. The reason being that more than likely, I didn’t win, but as long as I don’t check, I don’t know for sure that I didn’t win. So with the possibility still there (however small), I can have lots of fun imagining what I would do with the 215 Million dollars (actually, it comes out to only be about 50-60 million dollars take home).
Some may say the lottery is a tax on stupidity. There may be some point to that, but $1 is a little price to pay for the fun of imagining what all I would with the money.

I did hear this morning that someone from Idaho won the lottery. Oh well... the evil island of Pup will have to wait.

In case you were wondering, after really pricing things out (yes, I actually did), 60 million is no where near enough for me to build an evil headquarters on a tropical island. Dang it.. Instead of giant evil headquarters with henchmen, I may just go with a semi-evil island house with 4 br 3 baths and a monkey.

Back to work! Good to have you back on this Tuesday!

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