Friday, May 27, 2005

Look what I made!

OK, here's how I would answer my questions:

1.) When you imagine stuck on a deserted island, do you see yourself alone, with someone (be specific), or with a group of people?

I’ve planned out what to do in all three scenarios as this is what’s going through my mind on a regular basis. Especially during meetings when I should be paying attention.

2.) What would you most like to find on a deserted island?

Dinosaurs. Preferably some that wouldn’t want to eat me. That or some other type of exotic super smart animals. A lost civilization wouldn’t be bad either.

3.) What’s the first thing you would do when you realize you’re stuck on a deserted island?

Make sure it’s a deserted island and not a dessert island. Dessert island would be most fun and delicious.

Yea, that made no sense.

4.) What have you done in your life that would most likely lead to you being thrown on a deserted island?
Hmmm… those conspiracy theories aren’t just theories are they?! I knew it!!

5.) If you start hearing crazy drumming/noises on the island, what would you begin preparations for (fight, hide, find the source of the sound, etc.)?

I’d cover myself in mud so I blend in with my environment. Take my trusty spear/halberd that I’ve made and go find the source. Hopefully, it’ll be a cool jungle rave. If not, the jungle (me) will come alive and take them out (assuming they are no good).

Yes… excellent…

6.) What skill would you most like to learn (that you don’t already possess) while being stuck on a deserted island?
Building stuff from natural materials and live in harmony with the land. I've really always wanted to do that.

7.) If you were on the deserted island with a group of people that you don’t get along with, what would you do?

They will follow me or they will perish. I will have order and peace!!
What? Why’s that wrong?

8.) What would you suggest as the form of leadership with the group of people you’re stuck on the island with, if any?

I would suggest everyone takes a turn as a leader. Then we can evaluate who’s the best and let that person take a longer term…. Bla bla bla… nevermind. I’ll take over. Those who oppose will be… silenced. I will rule and there will be peace. All will be good.

9.) If you found a seemingly endless supply of illegal drugs (e.g., heroine, cocaine, etc.) would you try some?

HA! What a silly question.

10.) How would you entertain yourself on a deserted island, if by yourself, if with other survivors?
I’m never by myself. The voices are always with me. Always!! What? They’re out to get me you say? Well, then they must all pay!! ARghh!! shut up! shut up!

I would probably build things. Lots and lots of things. Like build a whole village complete with stick people.

Oh... I'd try to communicate with the animals too. I'd so be Beastmaster.

11.) If you could have a theme song that described your experience on the island, what would it be?

"Turn the radio on... for that sweet sound…. Hold me close never let me go…."

I can’t remember the name of the song, but it’s a good time song and it reminds me of our kick- ass undergrad apt. where we would break out singing this sound.

12.) What would you want on the island that would make you not ever want to be found again, if anything?

Why do you think I’m on the island in the first place? I SO don’t want to be found.

13.) What animal would you like to find on the island to tame as your pet/companion?
Bear or dog – like animal. Duh.

Although a dragon would totally kick ass.
14.) What would be your plan to escape the island, if any?
And why would I want to do that after trying so long to get ON the island?
15.) When you imagin yourself on a deserted island, what are you wearing?
War paint and a thong. Tastefully done. But just a thong.

Have a great long weekend everyone!!

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