Thursday, August 11, 2005

Because I’m in such a pissy mood, you get another session of…

What the fuck is wrong with you?

This is my semi-regular segment on, What the fuck is wrong with you people? A commentary on how society as a whole or groups in society is pissing me off.


That’s what I fucking paid today at the pump. I remember the first time I got to pump the gas for my parents, the gas was $0.75. During college, not really that long ago, it was still only $0.99. How did we get to this $2.45 bullshit?!

Funny though, as the oil prices on the consumer side keeps going up, so does the profits for big oil companies. Is that not weird to anyone else but me? Last quarter, ExxonMobile made something like 4.3 BILLION dollars!! Quarter!! That’s 3 fucking months!!! And that's PROFIT!

They keep breaking records for profits while I’m deciding if I should eat or get some gas.

You know what would be a good idea to help the gas price instead of fucking up the Alaskan wilderness or getting our people killed? How about trying to control these big fucking oil companies?! Or are you having too good of a time getting a nice lube job from these guys to step in?

Supreme Secrecy

Someone please explain to me exactly why the fuck they think it’s ok to NOT disclose all the information about the Supreme Court candidate John Roberts? What the hell is this secrecy stuff? This man is getting a job for LIFE. He’s not going to have to look for another job EVER. What he does in PUBLIC should not and cannot be labeled as private matters. Why would anyone care about sharing what he’s done in the past unless there’s something to hide?

Among other secrets like the fact that Roberts is part of a conservative Federalist society was never resolved, now other trickles of omissions keeps springing up.

For example, the fact that Roberts once lobbied for the cosmetics industry. Albeit not a make or break, this is information that we need to know and should know to place a man in such a powerful position. In case you have forgotten, Supreme Court justices are there FOREVER. There is no just waiting 4 more years.

Last week the Justice Department said it would NOT provide the Senate with internal records from 16 cases in which Roberts dealt with issues including abortion, affirmative action, school prayer and capital punishment.

What the fuck?!! Why in the hell are you not providing this information? Do you not think issues dealing with abortion, affirmative action, school prayer and capital punishment is important? Are these issues somehow fucking trivial to you? Well, I’m pretty fucking interested, and as someone who will be one of the supreme judges of the nation that I live in, I think I should fucking know what his stances are.

Is that really asking all that much?

Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican who will preside over the September confirmation hearings, said in a letter to Judiciary Democrats it was fair to withhold certain internal documents to "protect ... the deliberative process."

To protect the deliberative process?! From what?! Facts?! By withholding information, is that what you fucking think is part of the deliberative process? Have you EVER deliberated in your life? Because it certainly doesn’t sound like it if you think withholding information is part of getting all the facts and thinking about things. Or would you just rather make things up, cause facts just gets in the way?

Maybe you should run for president.

Not only withholding information, but the administration also screens documents for potential political liabilities before handing them over. What the fuck? So the only information that we get on this Roberts guy is censored information controlled by the administration?

Guess you guys are following the pattern of your leader. Will you guys mislead to get Roberts on the bench and then later you can change your reason for putting him on there? That seemed to have worked out this last time. Progress in Iraq is fantastic by the way.

I’m sick of this control of information just to get your way. Why the hell is the American population tolerating this underhanded crap?! Why is there absolutely NO integrity in this administration? Why aren’t people more aware of what the hell is going on?

I’m not saying I don’t like this Roberts guy because frankly, I’m not allowed to have enough information to make up my mind. I guess that’s just the way the administration like it. Apparently, most of the country doesn’t care either and just want the administration to spoon feed everything to them.

What in the hell is wrong with you?

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