Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Welcome to Choke City

Population: Me

This weekend was our end of the summer league tournament for Ultimate Frisbee. The last two months of games all lead to this last Saturday. Our teams had our ups and downs and ups again. The same goes with my level of play. So it was all up in the air in terms of who was coming out to play this weekend.

In the last couple of games, I’ve been playing a lot better and accepting more responsibilities in terms of handling the disc. I had pretty good confidence about how I was playing and felt good when I left for the fields that morning.

It was a wet and cloudy day. It had been raining heavily the night before, and the sky continued to threaten the fields with a down pour. When I got to the field, I found out who we were playing, and the darkness really started. No, not the weather. It was who we were playing.

There’s a team every year that no one likes. It’s usually a team of young cocky jackasses that thinks they’re better than they are. We’ll start referring to them as Team J (for Jackass). All season long I was looking forward to playing Team J, and when we finally did 2 weeks ago, we won the game 7-4 (the game was shorten because of lightening). They whined about the game being shorten. They whine all the time about everything cause that’s just what they do. Little whiny bitches.

Upset that they lost, Team J was ready for revenge. Our team was confident though. We had good personnel on Saturday, we’ve beaten them before, and we can do it again. Our game started late, but we came out on fire. Before you knew it, we were winning 7-4 once again.

The horn (time limit) sounded which meant that only 2 more points can be played. Being that they were down by 3, the game should be over. However, they whined and whined until our captain gave it and made it a game to 9. Being up 7-4, we didn’t think it would be much of a problem.

I am not saying this as an excuse as we do not have one, but our team fell apart after the horn.

One by one, we kept making little mistakes, and Team J kept taking advantage. Before we knew what happened, it was 7-7. Then came our big chance to finally get a score. I had the disc very close to the goal line. One of our guys made a great cut and I threw the disc to him.

The throw was bad and it sailed out of bounds. We later lost the game 7-9. They had scored 5 straight fucken points.

I was more than upset at this loss. Not only cause we lost, but we lost to them, and we lost after blowing such a big lead. It was a really tough loss. Screaming ensued.

Lots and lots of screaming.

Even though it was only about 10am then and we had many games still scheduled, we all started drinking. Not heavily, but beers were opened.

After losing the first game, we were put in the beer/loser’s bracket. This meant that winning this bracket will give your team a giant bucket of beer. It’s actually a better prize than winning the actual tournament which gets the team 1 trophy to share.

So after the pressure was off, and some drinking ensued, we started our next games. We played like champs. We were relaxed, having fun, and we dominated the rest of the games. During one of the games, a downpour started, and we played on. Even better than before. Nothing was going to stop us.

We did end up winning the beer bracket. So that’s something. But I played so crappy in that first game and against such a bunch of jackasses. I’m kinda pissed at myself. I think I have a choking problem. Just not being able to rise up to the big games. WTF? I could go into all the what ifs’, but I know I shouldn’t. It’s only a game.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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