Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The downward spiral….

This administration and the other Republicans continue to live above the law while driving this country into the ground.

Here are some examples:

The US poverty rate climbed to 12.7% of the population last year. This is the 4th consecutive climb in the number of broke ass people in America. That would 4 years since 2000. 2000 when W became president.

Not that I’m making any inferences or anything.

Take a look around, gas prices are insane, no one’s got any health insurance (45.8 million without to be exact), and for many, they may not be in poverty because of their income, but they’re up to their eyeballs in debt.

Look at what you have to do for kids nowadays. I don’t remember having to do all these fund raisers and paying for all my own school supplies (well, my parents paying) when I went to school.

Here’s a nice example of what’s going on from Nanner. I don’t think this is the exception either.

Although to be fair, I must say that companies like oil and drugs are having record profits and wealth separation continues to grow further apart. That’s good isn’t it? Won’t the rich eventually get too wealthy and throw us some scraps for us to fight over?

Ah yes, utopia. Great plans you have for us, you evil neoconservatives.

BTW, where in the hell is all this money that you keep saying you’re giving the education system? Where are the raises for teachers? Where are the supplies? Why is ‘no child left behind’ the biggest fucking joke around?

You know where all the money is going to? Funding your damn faith-based initiatives, so that quacks like this fucker can continue to get money to preach his hate. Also, so these idiots out there can come up with more dumbass ideas like ‘Intelligent design.’

Way to beef up the education system, W. Just because you don’t like learning and what little you have learned is twisted and wrong doesn’t mean you have to make the kids go through the same thing.

On a related note, as if Florida could be any more screwed up, Cheri Yecke, Ph.D., was recently appointed as the new Florida K- 12 Chancellor. In case you didn’t know, Yecke is a right-wing fanatic that was recently dismissed as the Minnesota Education Commissioner. Here are some of her professional opinions:

1. Local school boards should have the latitude to introduce alternative theories, such as "Intelligent Design", and

2. the Santorum amendment provides legal justification for that action.

Neither of which is true. Read this.

I feel sad for kids in Florida.

That is all for now. Happy Tuesday!

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