Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Good God I’m tired.

After playing ultimate in the 90+ degree weather last night, a friend and I went to our usual bar for some cheap appetizers and beer.

I know I suck, but we had already decided earlier that day that we would not be able to go to the Gwar concert. I had to be at work by 7:30 am today and he had to catch a flight early in the morning for an interview later that day. He thought being drenched in blood/goo the night before wouldn’t be a good idea. Also, with 2 bands playing before Gwar, we would be out late.

Looking back, that was just crazy talk. We went to the bar, got us some tasty appetizers, and lots of cheap beer. We played some darts, which by the way, is my new favorite thing to watch on TV. It’s British, it’s in a pub, and these guys are really good.

“One hundred and Eighteeeeeeeeey”. I love it when they say that. “180” is getting 3 triple 20s. Crowd goes wild for that.

Anyway… After winning a close tie breaking 3rd game, we went up to the bar to hang with the bartender. That’s what’s great about being a semi-regular at a bar. It might seem kinda silly, but I like knowing people at work and have them bring us food and drink without us having to order.

There was Goodfellas on the TV with captions. Sweetness. We started talking with this nice couple sitting at the bar. Yada Yada. We were taking shots with them later.

So I have no idea when I got home, but it was way way too late. Getting up this morning was amazingly painful. So here I am. 7am at work. Eek.

I’ll leave you with something funny.

"North Korea is making several demands in exchange for giving up their nuclear program, including a promise from America not to attack them. Which is a little strange because for us to attack them we would have to have `slam dunk' proof that they have weapons of mass destruction. I mean, for Gods sakes people, we're not maniacs. It would have to be an air-tight case. We wouldn't just come in there and start bombing you..."--Jon Stewart

This current administration is just ridiculous.

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