Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Help me understand

I’m not a smart man. I don’t understand a lot of things. This is especially true of things that have been going on during this administration. So please help me understand the following thing.

Tit Choice Yes. Birth Choice No.

The federal Food and Drug Administration recently gave preliminary approval to the use of silicone breast implants. As you may or may not know, silicone implants were made illegal in 1992 when strong safety concerns were raised by women who were experiencing significant side effects from the implants. Side effects like having silicone ooze out of them.

Recently, in a surprise decision, the FDA gave preliminary approval to putting the silicone implants back on the market. According to Dr. Richard D’Amico, chair of the Breast Implant Task Force of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, "women would have a choice again."

Here is what I don’t understand. Why wasn’t I invited to a breast task force? What kind of credentials do you need to be on this breast task force? I think I have all the necessary qualifications. I don’t think anyone can discredit my love for them.

Seriously though, what I don’t get is that a panelist from the FDA told The New York Times that it was important to give women a choice of implants. "And it isn't to have a choice. It is to make a choice," she said. "We'll be working . . . to allow women to finally have a choice,"

So basically, they’re saying they support women’s choice to have control over their own body right? That’s great right?

It just so happens that there’s something else up for FDA approval this year: over the counter emergency contraception. In terms of choice, this is by far a much more important choice to give women. For those that isn’t ready to have children, those that become pregnant through rape or incest, or a number of other reasons, this choice could save a lifetime and perhaps a cycle of pain.

As you would expect, the FDA is dragging its feet to approve this drug that it has already declared as safe in 1997 due to the administration and congress’s deafening screams against giving women that choice. Even after 2 advisory panels approved of its status as an over-the-counter drug in 2003, the FDA has continued to ignored the recommendation.

So the FDA is touting the ‘choice’. They are saying that women should have the choice to choose what to do with their boobs. Even when there is no clear evidence that silicone implants has become any safer. However, they live in irony in saying NO in giving women the right to choose what will happen to their bodies and the rest of their lives.

Good call FDA.


T, you've finally IT!

On a lighter note, I guess I’m out of the running for what women want. Apparently, T is now the new model of feminine desire.

Playgirl’s hunks? The hairy, chubby, and poor.

Although I must say, I think all these women are lying.

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