Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Drunk with power

Here are 2 prime examples that the Republicans/NeoCons are totally mad with power.

Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, who had been the top Corps of Engineers' top procurement official since 1997, was demoted recently. Greenhouse had been the one who publicly criticized the Pentagon's decision to award Halliburton Co. a no-bid contract for work in Iraq. Her main objection was the issuance to Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root of a no-bid, five-year contract to restore Iraqi oil fields shortly before the Iraq war began in 2003.

Hmm.. coincidence that Halliburton would get a contract to restore Iraqi oil fields BEFORE the war? Yea, don’t think so.

Greehouse was demoted for what the Army called ‘poor performance’. What the fuck? Who in the hell is going to believe that? This demotion also violates an earlier agreement with the Army to suspend her demotion until "a sufficient record" pertaining to her complaints is complete.

So basically, there wasn’t sufficient record to prove that she had ‘poor performance’, but they went ahead and demoted her anyway. As Greenhouse’s lawyer wrote "The failure to abide by prior commitments and the circumstances surrounding Ms. Greenhouse's removal are the hallmark of illegal retaliation." "Her removal will send a message to all concerned that if they dare stand up to corrupting influences within the Army contracting world their careers will be destroyed," her lawyer added.

That is exactly the message that this administration wants to send. As Bush has said before, you’re either with us or against us. Obviously, anyone who dares to speak up against the administration and their doings, however correct and just, must be against destroyed. How can we stand by while this reckless blatant disregard for the law that the administration obviously doesn’t think applies to them happens all around us?

On a similar note:

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher recently pardoned everyone, current and former members of his administration, who have been charged in an investigation into alleged improper hiring.

Apparently they didn’t get the memo about not basing hiring decisions solely on age and/or political affiliation rather than Merit. Guess what political party he’s affiliated with and who they were hiring?

Among the nine that are indicted is a former Fletcher administration member who has been indicted on 22 felony counts of evidence or witness tampering. This is some good hiring Fletcher has been doing and keeping as his employees.

Now, amidst the allegations, Fletcher is claiming that the Democratic Attorney General (Stumbo) is just playing political games and compared the charges that have been brought to minor violations of fishing laws.

Hey dumbass, hiring discrimination is a big fucking deal. Just because you’re in the state government and that you’re the governor doesn’t make you above the law. The Attorney general is doing his job. Prosecuting your law breaking discriminating ass.

A lot of my work is in employee selection so this pisses me off more than usual. Where in your little ignorant mind do you think that laws that applies to everyone doesn’t apply to you? And to just flatly give pardons to all these people? WTF? Do you somehow think this is less of a crime than anything else? Well it’s not asshole.

People get hurt because of discrimination. It’s not physical like a violent crime, but people are hurt. Think Civil Rights you redneck fucker.

Of course, as you would expect, a member of the Republican national committee says “I think the governor made the right decision because we need to move the state forward.” Forward to what? The only thing you're doing is moving the state backwards to the pre-civil war prejudice slavery days. Is that where your ignorant ass wants the state to go?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Sadly, for the short attention population that we are, with Katrina on our minds, this story will of course just sail right through.

Dry thoughts goes to the people that got hit by the hurricane. Since our government has given all their money to big corporations, rich people, religion, and weapons to kill people with, Red Cross could really use our help.

Please donate.

American Red Cross

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