Monday, August 08, 2005

Traveling Pup - Atlantic City/Philly

I know there were promises of rants, but I need to get this down before I forget. These next few weekends are going to be jam packed with stuff and I want to make sure I keep things straight and everything down.

So I went to Atlantic City this weekend. On the drive down from Philly, we saw the coolest lightning show. There were huge lightning bolts everywhere. Not only that, there were chain lightning, lightning that turned the whole sky white, and I swear I saw this, an orange lightning (I didn’t know there were orange lightning). Along with the loud cracks of thunder, that was just fantastic to drive in. Strangely, there were little to no rain.

All I know is, Inland lightning/storms got nothing on the coastal ones.

The games of chance was ok in AC. As Ko will tell you. Listen to ME about when to gamble!! I have some serious experience in this. Superstitions? Maybe. But it’s all true!

Morning gambling will bring you nothing but pain. Gambling Gods disapproves!

Anyway, I did get to witness one of the coolest things ever in AC. Well, maybe not cool, but impressive. At the craps table we were playing at, an old man walked up. He throws a big wad of cash on the table. I was expecting it to be $20s or maybe even $10s. There was just that much of it and anything other than $20s was inconceivable to me.

So the table boss spread out the money. All play halted as the pile of 100 dollar bills covered the table. After a long count, the pit boss said ‘pay out 10,000 dollars’.

Holy fucken shit. $10 grand.

I think the old man got lucky. After a couple of crap rollers, I think he was down a lot. Luckily, the next guy hit a lot of numbers. At one time, he had $900 on the 6 and 8 (each). The old man quit soon after with $13,700. That’s a quick $3700 in less than an hour. He was nice enough to leave with a $400 tip for the table.

There was also an instance of a very drunk guy coming up to the table and yelling ’25 dolla yo!!!’. We all kinda laughed at his drunkness and silly bet. Boy did we feel stupid when the next roll was an 11.


That was Friday night and on Saturday, I had one of the best desserts EVER!! If you’re lucky enough to be here this weekend, I’ll try to replicate. It’s basically fried bananas with sweet condensed milk for a dipping sauce. OMG, that’s a fucking party in my mouth. If you’re lucky enough to be here this weekend, there'll be a party in your mouth too… ummm… nevermind.

Later that night, I went to a going away party for someone I didn’t know. What I do know is that a 250 sq. foot apartment is not a good place to host a party for about 30 people.

I met a friend of a friend’s cousin who was working as a DJ in the Philly area. Very sketchy person I think. Nice guy and all, but he was a good reminder of why I don’t think I could be a DJ full time.

Maybe it’s because I DJ for different reasons than he does. He loved being a DJ for the free booze, drugs, and women aspects of it. He knew lots of people, and can get in almost any clubs for free. So basically the perks of being a DJ.

In my case, I think I DJ because of my love for the music. I want other people to hear it and dance to it. Of course, with me, there is also a big element of control associated with being able to make people dance. Dance I say… DANCE!!!

I don’t care for and actually am annoyed when people try to talk to me when I’m DJing. It’s not like I take requests or anything. So with that and needing to suck up to club owners, I think I’m going to have to stick with my day job.

I’m not saying I’m better or anything, just different reasons for DJing.

He also stole some alcohol from the party. That's total party foul.

On the flight home, there was an hour delay after we got on to the runway. We just sat there on the plane waiting. So what does the couple in front of me AND behind me start to do to kill time? That’s right. Full blown making out. I think that’s the first time I realized what that sounded like. In stereo.

Total Ewwwwwww!!

Maybe I was just jealous.

Ok, that’s about it. Hope everyone’s having a good Monday!

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