Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

This is my semi-regular comment on, What the fuck is wrong with you people? A commentary on how society as a whole or groups in society is pissing me off.

There are too many things going on for me to stay on topic, so here goes.

You deserve much worst

After pleading guilty to being a role in the downfall of the entire telecom industry, former general account for WorldCom Buford "Buddy" Yates received one year and one day and a hefty $5000 fine.

What in the fucking hell is wrong with this picture? One year? People getting caught with a little bag of weed get more than a year. You fucker destroyed an ENTIRE fucking industry, made thousands lose their jobs, and fucked the retirement plans of millions of others and all the while getting rich yourself. You get a fucking year and a day?

Want to know why the extra day? The extra day in the sentence means Yates will be eligible to have his prison term reduced, although only by a matter of weeks, for good behavior. Fuck you and your good behavior. There’s no such thing for you.

Even if you are repeatedly ass raped and made to toss salads to the nastiest ass people we’ve got, a year’s not fucking enough. Think of his family you say? Think of the thousands of other families that were affected by this. So no, I don’t give a fuck.

Also, what the fuck is this $5000 fine?! He and others stole MILLIONs of dollars. Where the fuck is the logic in 5 grand? What the hell is that going to do? $5000 wouldn’t hurt most average people. This rich sonabitch isn’t going to care a bit about some $5000. His ass probably has it in his wallet in the court room.

All you fucks out there talking about judges, why don’t you ever talk about these judges? They’re the ones fucking up the country by protecting the rich and basically saying ‘even if you screw thousands of people, as long as you’re rich, you’ll be fine’. Is that really a better message to send than when a judge is trying to get rid of discrimination based on sexual orientation?

I hope the rest of the WorldCom and Enron people get much worst. I'm sure they won't, but there's always hoping.

Ozone alert

Why isn’t this shit on TV or on other media? Why aren’t people fucking talking about this?! I can’t believe that this trend of increasing severity and frequency of ozone alerts isn’t getting more attention. This is not fucking normal people.

Do you fucking understand what this ozone alert means? The air that you are breathing, and that which is a big requirement of you being alive, is slowing becoming toxic. Guess what? You don’t really have a choice about breathing this air either.

In case you didn’t know, ozone is created when the heat, humidity and sun cook the air into a chemical soup of pollution. There is an exponential growth in the number of asthma (esp. in children), and other respiratory problems in the last few years. Guess what’s causing that genius.

Hey assholes, guess what, this and so many other problems are NOT caused by a couple of happily committed gays getting married. Try focusing on some real problems. You know, when you’re not too busy getting paid off by the oil producing/using lobbyists. You really want to make sure a child is born just so that they can suffer a life of shortness of breath and life-long health problems? Fantastic. That’s thinking of the children.

Everywhere you look, there’s fucking ozone alert everywhere. In Atlanta (I’m sure there are many other cities), they get purple days. Fucking purple!!! That’s one above red! They actually had to make up a new color above red (which usually means really really bad already). How does something like this not get more attention?!!! Why isn’t this on anyone’s fucking mind?

Now there’s actually one above Purple. Maroon. The advisory for purple is ‘Do NOT go outside, hazardous for children and old people’. What the fuck is the advisory for Maroon? ‘Breathing the air will cause your lungs to disintegrate’?

That’s fucking fantastic. Hey, you selfish little dick motherfucker in that hummer. Not that you care, but it’ll get you too. You’re not safe in your 9 mile-a-gallon monstrosity. I see you sitting there all comfy and shit as me and big red pulls up next to you. I want to follow you to the gas station and watch you spend $100 on gas every week so I can taunt you.

Then I’ll probably kick your ass.

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