Monday, August 29, 2005

Vegas.. Hum… What is it good for?

So I guess I’ve dragged on long enough about telling tales of Vegas 05’. The fact is, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and well, there isn’t that much to report that were different from the previous trips.

Like a teenager (or a 40-yr old T) getting some for the first time, all the good stuff came out too quickly.

The trip started out great. Everything to do with getting to and the actual flight went really well even though I had to fly Southwest. I hate the herd mentality that is the Southwest gating process. In case you’ve never flown Southwest, there are no seat assignments, They break you into ABC section, they release the sections one at a time, then it’s first come first serve.

The flight to Vegas came in early, and I met up with one of the Furdells. Everything was working way too well. Even the cab ride to the hotel was fast and included a great story from our cabbie about White Magic, Black Magic, and the Adult Film Awards.

As I told the Furdell, ‘things are going well… too well’.

Later that night, we went to the highlight of the trip in my mind. There was a great DJ, Bad Boy Bill, playing at a local club. Even with our oldness, we were still allowed in. They did have to send Furdell home one time before they allowed him in.

It could be that it’s been a while since I’ve been to clubs or that I never did go clubbing, but more to raves, but things sure seem different. First off, there were seats around the dance area.

The seats all had velvet ropes around and it turns out that how you get a table is by buying a couple of bottles of liquor. It’s actually not THAT bad of a deal if you have some people with you. Sharing a $200 bottle of Absolute (with all the mixes included) isn’t that bad if you and your friends were all planning to drink a lot anyway.

After the first hour, it was pretty obvious the dance culture that I loved is nothing but a distant memory. I’m sure there are still some out there, but it's certainly not here. The women had on 9 inch heels, and the men all had black pants and stripped shirts. That my friends, is not dancing gear. I think we were the only ones in baggy pants, and I didn't see one pair of wings anywhere in sight.

If you’ve read this blog for any period of time, you should know that I’m a pretty liberal guy, and I generally am. For some reason, when I go to clubs, I instantly turn into the dance Nazi.

So many things just drive me nuts. I think the main thing is that a lot of the people here aren’t really here to dance. They’re just here to drink and maybe grind up against a couple of chicks/dudes. Argh!

People, when will you understand this? Stripper dance, and bump and grind are not dancing! See what I mean? Total dance Nazi.

There were a couple of company girls who danced on stages in the back as part of the decoration. They danced pretty well for the most part. Although they did look very good doing it. And yes, there is a difference between looking good dancing, and actually dancing well. Once again, dance Nazi.

Even with all that though, I am happy if people go out and dance. After all, it’s just about moving your body around to music, but still. I know, I've got issues to work out with this. It's just that it's so much different than going to the raves of old. People were there to dance. I would never have said anything about anyone's dancing then. Then again, there also were that many drunks rubbing on each other either.

In case you were wondering, yes, I did dance. For a really long time. It takes me a little bit to warm up, but once I start, it’s on. How was I? I think I did ok. All I know is that I would serve any of those fools there if there was a dance off.

We got home around 6am I think. It’s been a while since that’s happened. Good times had by all. All was good.

Then it happened. Somehow I got a sinus infection the next day, I started feel bad, but not bad enought to stop partying, so I didn't. Oh how I chose poorly. By Sunday and Monday night, I could barely stay up, and I didn't get to do much after that. I have never been in a Vegas hotel room for as long as I did this trip.

Other than the tale of the club and a fabulous dinner on Sunday night, the other eventful trip was our trek outside of the strip to a Minor league baseball game with the Las Vegas 51's. It’s hard to describe tastes, so I won’t describe the dinner other than that they had a cool computer tablet that had over 5000 descriptions of wines they had in stock.

The baseball game was fun as it's always fun to watch baseball games live. By the time we went to the game, I was nearly dying from the sinus infection. Things were bad, but I tried to tough it out. The game was fine. There were a group of loud hecklers that were quite amusing.

A great thing about an outdoor sports event like a baseball stadium that is that no matter what you yell, most people don't care/can't hear you. So I was testing this theory by yelling things like 'Stop Pollution!', 'Ozone will kill us all!', and 'Bring out your dead!'. Yup. No one even turned their head.

Besides that, the gambling was terrible to me as I couldn’t play craps to save my life. I believe craps accounted for 95% of my losses this trip. My losses which was more than my rent. Eek.

I know you’ve all been wondering this, so here are the results for Blogger Roulette. The winner is…..

KO!! His 8 hit 2x when I was playing.

Other people with winning hits were:
Sloth – 1x
Jamie – 1x
E-Lo – 1x

I know I say this every year, but I suggest we move our yearly trip from Vegas. I suggest Cananda.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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