Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"We got to get some beer
We got no atmosphere
From looking into the sun!!!"

the pixies, "d = r*t" (Distance Equals Rate times Time)

I’m feeling a bit odd today. I guess I’m more rhythmic than usual. I wrote two poems. Nothing fancy; just two small shallow poems. If only I can meet a girl and write stupid love poems for her…. But such is life.

The first combines my love for Magic the Gathering, and my friend Dave, for whom I have much respect. I dis him cuz I know he can take it.

Ode to the Samurai

Sam eats spam and mayo on rye
Sam kicks Dave's ass and makes him cry
Dave works eh, sometimes, I tell no lies
Bushido 1, 2, 3--Go! Go! Go! SAMURAI!!!

The inside joke is based on the game. I built a samurai deck that I call SAM I AM and a mutual friend built a deck that she calls Dave, inspired by our facetious friend, Dave. Everything else is just jelly donut filling.

The second involves my good friend ariek. Last night I wondered if he would join me for a beer or two at the local pub. He declined my offer so I didn’t go out. This morning he tells me that he did go out and didn’t bother to call.

what am i going to do about you?
you say beer not, but beer you do.
i’m ashamed for beering, cuz you have no brew;
then i passed out--beer can get the better of you!

what am i going to do about you?
beer is my life, it's all i do!
i'm ready to drink and it's 3:02;
should i ask you to beer? nah, fuck you!

It’s really an open invitation to “beer” whenever.

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