Friday, August 26, 2005

I know you are all probably pretty tired of this by now.. But..

More tirades from Me.

Stole this from the DailyKos:

The tenements of Religious Extremists. Take a look and see how close the Christian Fundamentalists are becoming like the extremists we are fighting abroad.

(In red are my comments)

  • Though not strictly part of government, hold such substantial political power as to be able to dictate many government policies, with well-known religious figures holding forth in frequent public court on government policies and actions. This is very evident by the advisors that this administration holds close ties to. Also, think about how often religion is used as an argument in all major events that has come up recently.

  • Extremely distrustful of science as being contrary to religious values. Generally anti-intellectual. Intelligent Design?! Oh my fucking lord, don’t get me started on that again. Intelligent design is a bastardization of both science and religion.

  • Intolerant of those with differing religious values; view other religions -- even generally closely related sects -- as illegitimate. Associated persecution complex which presumes religious-neutral or religious-absent law to be intentionally oppressive of their own beliefs. As I heard one scary evangelical preacher once said “It’s time we raise up and make our laws the laws of the land”.

  • Attempting to weaken state-based education systems in favor of a government-funded network of religious schools dedicated towards the teaching of strict fundamentalist values. The entire faith-based initiative is a clear and direct example of how this administration funnels millions of tax payer dollars to specific religious causes. Guess who’s in charge of giving out the money and who the majority of recipients are for this initiative? Also, since when did Americans decide it was ok for government sponsored religious programs? That totally go against the separation of church and state.

  • Demand government support for their religious agendas, including the passage of laws based on their particular religious beliefs, under the assertion that the country was "divinely founded" and therefore inherently subservient to their religious sect. Oh there are just too many to name. Everything from Abortion, to right to life, adoption, etc. Most every law out there has come partly out of some religious beliefs.

  • Generally dismissive of the rights of women. Constant push for Anti-Choice legislation and rape shield laws.

  • Generally dismissive of the rights of minorities. If you’re not Christian, you obviously don’t need to be living here. Also, what? You can't live off $5.15 an hour? God must not love you.

  • Calls for God to "remove" political opponents by killing or otherwise rendering them unable to serve. Hello Mr. Robertson.

  • An extensive worldwide fundraising network that includes financial connections to the bloody West African "conflict" diamond trade and other questionable financial activities. The number of investigations against leaders of evangelical groups and their leaders are not just coincidence. The fact that one church I know of in Tennessee owns 3 planes for its pastor and has an annual budget that’s more than some countries is very concerning about where these funds are coming from. For a non-profit, they sure are doing well. BTW, the pastor makes well over 7 figuresexemplify examplify the Jesus thing of living modestly and helping those in need.

  • And finally, as we have seen in the last few days: willing to publicly endorse the utility of violence against international foes. Significantly, actions against purely political or socioeconomic foes are justified based on questionably religious grounds. Hello Mr. Robertson. As the leader of the Christian Coalition, you are an inspiration for all your sheeps.

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