Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vocabulary Lesson

1) Runnin' It: -v. defn. Like when you controllin' the flo' of thangs.

e.g. When Ray-Ray showed up for work this morning he told the first white boy he saw to give him $10. Whitey gave him $100 and ran. That's runnin' it.

2) N nee-way: -adv. defn. Like what I got to say about something I just done heard or something that just done happened.

e.g. civil man: My baby mamma come around with her weave sayin' "Gimme some money, boo. I gotta get my hair done."

civil woman: N nee-way!

3) stunnin: -v. defn. Like what you just done said is doo-doo and I aint hearin' it.

e.g. Little Suzy told Bobby he's nappy. Little Bobby said, "Bitch! I aint stunnin you!"

4) bounce: -v. defn. Like when you're ready to leave.

e.g. Yo, kid. Finish yor 40 and let's bounce.

5) spook juice: -adj. defn. Like any really really REALLY black person that when s/he smiles in the dark all you see is beady white eyes and vicious white teeth.

e.g. white woman: AHHHH! It’s the boggey man!!!

Spook juice Jones: Damn! I knew I should've worn my white shirt tonight.

6) trippin: -v. defn. Like you out your damn mind.

e.g. mother to child: I best not find out you sellin' dem drugs and f*ckin' dem ho's.

child to mother: Bitch, you trippin'

7) stripper 'ho: -n. defn. Like any 'ho giving you a lap dance for money.

e.g. Paul: You mean I can't even look for free?

Mike: Nigga, you better throw yor cash at that stripper 'ho!

8) stank 'ho: -n. defn. Like any broke ass 'ho that will do N NEE-THANG for a dollar.

e.g. Shelly: How yor mom doing, Aiesha?

Aiesha: That stank 'ho spent the night with Tyrone and Willie again. Rent must be late.

9) 'flicted: -adj. defn. Like when you've been messed up by something terrible (the ‘flicted condition stay wit you for life).

e.g. Mother: I dropped my baby when I answered the phone. Now his little peanut head is ‘flicted.

10) my man: -n. defn. Like your man, man!

e.g. "What's up my man?" "10 dollars a nickel, 20 a dime bag, 100 a quarter." "My man!!!"

BONUS: duckin' five-oh: -v. defn. Like when you avoidin' po-po cuz they shootin' at you or you forgot to check in wit yor probation officer or just because.

e.g. airek: Yo, T why you sweatin'?

T: Yo, I'm ducking 5-0. I swiped a box of Magic cards from Wal-Mart. Here's your pencil lead.

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