Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What The Fuck is wrong with you people?

Once again, it's time for another edition after an almost 2 month of hiatus. I can't believe it's been so long. Guess it's that time of the month for me again. Time to get my hate on. So here we go!

How about working on real problems that YOU should actually be involved with?

Watching TV the last couple of days, you can’t help but see the Schiavo case all over the television. Of course that just reminds me how big a waste our government and the media is spending on what should be a family matter.

One thing I can’t get over every time I see this however, is that there are so much bigger problems that the government should actually be handling. Not just domestic issues, but worldwide issues as well.

So hey you nosey fucks with too much free time getting into other people’s businesses. How about looking at an actual problem for once that you should be concern with? With all your supposive righteousness to champion those without a voice or those who are weak, why don’t you help someone who actually need your help?

Let’s just throw out this little thing that’s been going on for DECADES.

Congo's desperate ‘one-dollar U.N. girls’

There are nations of people who are being killed and raped on a daily basis that we never hear about (yet we know about what every half-ass famous person had for lunch). Thousand of people that continually get taken advantage of who would really really appreciate some help from anyone keeps getting ignored. What the hell?

The lives that these people are going through is worst than anything we see in the world. Doing anything just to survive another day. How pathetic are the world’s nations that we’ve ignored this problem for so long? And no, just throwing some cash (about $3 per person of aid last year) is not enough.

Where the hell are you when you talk about protecting life and helping those in need? Are these people in the Congo's not ‘politically fashionable’ enough for you to help? Are you just so damn concerned with yourself that all you worry about is doing things that will make you look good and get reelected?

Young girls are being raped by people who are supposedly there to help them and keep them safe (I know, not all, just a few, but still happens too much). They are living in a masochistic culture where they are deemed worthless, thrown away like trash after a criminal act by someone else. All for what? Losing some little piece of skin? What the hell is wrong with you people? How is that even a big deal you ignorant fucks? And this has been going on for DECADES! People being deemed WORTHLESS. Think about that.

What else must happen before you think we should help?

There are so many similar situations like this throughout the world. People are hurting right and left. Yet you refuse to spend any time to help them. Topics that you have absolutely NO business being involved in like the Schiavo case, biased marriage laws, Anti-women’s rights, etc., yet you continue to play your white knight crusader role.

Hey Jackasses, you want to get rid of terrorism? It's not through war. You may lower it for a while, but it'll NEVER go away like this. Try helping people. No really, try it. It's cheaper and I swear to you it will help so much more in the long run.

I’m not just blaming the governments of the world and ours, the people also shares in this blame. After all, we did elect (sort-of, sometimes) these people to the government.

Guess this little rant’s gone on long enough. I’ll just end with this. Too bad they don’t have any oil and we’re not interested in converting them or anything. Guess these girls and the people in that region of the world are on their own.

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