Friday, March 04, 2005

Oh yell na beotch!

I KNOW your dollar store nappy weave ass SO ain’t be trying to be all getting all up in my face.

Oh.. Na bitch..

I don’t give a goddamn! It ain’t about you. You’d be getting all up in here thinking you some hot shit. You ain’t hot shit bitch. You cold diarrhea.

Girl, you raise that finger up one more time and you gonna lose it!

What the hell is wrong with chu anyway? Ignorant ass bitch. What? Yo mama stop paying for your friends so you ain’t got none now? You figured smelling like fried chicken all the time will at least get you a couple of hungry brothers.

Oh hell na, you didn’t just call me that. Boo-boo you hear what she just called me? Oh NO you Did-nen.

You don’t know me Bitch. Who the fuck is you?

I’ll cut you.. I ain’t playing. I’ll cuuuuut your little bitch ass. Rip that 3 dollar weave off too.


Yo mama.

For some reason, I had a feeling that I was arguing with someone in my dreams last night, but I was all out of practice. Not that this is how I usually argue with people, but there was my attempt at practicing.

Actually, it’s not just some reason. I watched an hour of COPS before I went to bed last night. Now that’s entertainment.

Yes, I do find it slightly odd that in my dream I was a woman arguing with another woman. I can be very diverse sometimes.

Any of y’all wanna get some of this, just bring it.

You probably couldn't tell by the beginning of this post, but I’m in a really good mood. There are possible big changes in the Pup world. Stayed tuned!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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