Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Not boring... Just not exciting...

Things have been mucho busy here at work. My mind has been way pre-occupied with other things going on in my life so there’s nothing much on the blogger front.

Still waiting on some news. If it happens, I’ll let you know. It’ll be good I promise. Well, for me it will. It probably wouldn’t really have any effect on your lives so you probably don’t care all that much. Although if you ever visit me, the first round is on me.

I’ve seen some things going on in the blogger world lately that has been pretty shocking. What in the world in going on? Sheese. Get along!

I feel sooooo old lately. It wasn’t bad enough that I got sick, cause I NEVER get sick, but I’ve been going to sleep really early the last couple of nights and getting up early in the morning. This is SO not like me. Damn it, we used to go to raves at 1am and get back around 9am or so. What the hell happened to that guy? That guy was pretty cool.

I had an 8am meeting (yea yea, it’s not that early for some of you, but it’s just unheard of for me) this morning and I was all on time and even early enough to check some blogs in the morning. Probably cause I went to sleep so damn early, I was wide awake before the sun came up.

No one wins with an early rising pup. I strongly think there is a problem with being up before the sun. There should be a law.

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it... I think I may be getting old.... I think I may try to take off from work early today so I can catch the 4pm dinner specials with the old folks.

I heard some big big life changing news from a friend of mine this weekend. The kind that makes you go Hmmmm… Well, I’ll just say congratulations and the best of luck!

I was going to do this thing Barrie passed on to me, and I still may, but it’s embarrassing to think how little I read. When “Captain Underpants” was the last book you read, that’s probably not good.

Aren’t you all so glad I share these things. Didn’t this just brighten your day and made you a better informed person? No? oh. Nevermind then.

Have a good Tuesday!

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