Friday, March 25, 2005

Big evil comes in pretty flowery dresses

So I’m sitting there relaxing on a bed. The room was wonderful and spacious. It sat on top a hill, giant windows all around, overlooking what seems to be the ocean or some other large body of water. I don’t think any of the windows were open, but I could feel a nice warm breeze flowing through the room.

All was nice and relaxing as I stared out into the endless body of water. When I turned, I saw that there was a plate of bacon on the nightstand. Life was good.

Just before I started on my second strip, I hear a thump. “Thump.... Thump.... Thump....”

The thumping was consistently loud and continuous. As I finished off the bacon, I got out of the bed to investigate where the noise was coming from.

The room was huge and white. With large ceiling to floor crystal clear windows everywhere, the room seemed endless. The only barriers were the white see-through curtains in certain areas of the room.

I followed the sound of the thumping to where I thought it was coming in the loudest. I walked around the room and finally stopped in front of a door that was mostly glass except for an old hard-wood frame and drapes that covered the glass area.

Staring at the door, I can see the movement of the glass every time a thump is heard. It looked as if someone was pounding on the glass with something. It was like a knocking on the door, but more like someone using a miniature battering ram with a silencer. You know the difference.

Thump.... Thump.... Thump....

I stood there in front of the door for a good couple of minutes. Frozen by fear of what’s on the other side of the door. I tried looking through the drapes, but unlike the ones on the windows, they were not see-through. I couldn’t even make out a shape of what was on the other side of that glass.

Slowly I reached out and pull back the drapes. I was a bit shaky as I was expecting some large nasty monster-type / Ashcroft on a bad day figure to be there. I pull the drapes back and what do I see as the source of the thumping?

It was just a cute little girl standing there in a nice flowery dress. She looked up and smiled.

I was SO relieved to not find anything horrible standing outside my door. I looked at the little girl and asked through the door if I could help her. She didn’t say anything. She just stood there and smiled.

After about a few minutes of me trying to communicate to her without any success, I though about opening the door and going outside to meet the little girl, but all of a sudden, she slams her forehead into the door.


It was shocking as I saw this happen before me. I froze and recognized that this is the same sound I’ve been hearing. Before I could react to the first one, the little girl slammed her head into the door again. This time, the thump was louder and harder than the last. Her body stayed perfectly still, just her head crashing into the solid wood frame.


She began slamming into the door with her head faster and faster. After each hit, she would move back into the position I first saw her in. Looking nice and smiling. However, a deep bruise was beginning to develop on her forehead.

Something was warning me not to open the door as the little girl slams her head on the door once again, this last time harder than before. She started to hit the door faster and each time harder than the last. I could see a blood stain where her forehead was hitting the door.

Thump.... Thump.... THUMP!

Every time, she would stand back up, and just smile at me. Smiling with blood running down her face...

That’s about all I could remember from my dream last night. Surprisingly, after that whole thing, I feel a lot better this morning than I have the last couple of days. I’m also no where near as hungry anymore.

Have fun figuring this one out!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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