Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

Aside from an awful sounding cough, I think I’m finally feeling like my old Pup self again. As I was telling someone last night, I think all parts of me are working ok again. So naturally, we’re off on our rant once again.

Since the Ten Commandments are being fought out in the supreme court recently, I thought I once again speak on a topic that annoys me to no end. Actually, it’s probably the one thing that really gets at me. That my friends, would be the president and his Christian handlers.

Even with congressional inaction not a big enough hint to his dumbass that this is an awful and totally discriminatory plan, Bush sidestepped lawmakers with executive orders and regulations to give religious organizations equal footing with nonsectarian ones in competing for federal contracts.

WTF? Since when did religious organizations ever hurt for money? Have you BEEN to a church lately? I think these people are doing just fine. How about instead of adding another parking deck to house your thousands of members each week or having ridiculous salaries for your minister/preacher/whoever the fuck, that you use some of that money for good like you’re suppose to. Multiple Jets for churches? What the fuck is that about? Are you too good to fly like the rest of us? Did your God tell you to buy your own plane?

I know there are many church groups that do really good things for their community, and that’s great. I guarantee you though, there’s a catch to all that niceness. Don’t kid yourself and think there isn’t. Nothing is free when it comes to religious groups. They're like a disease that has this need to keep spreading to everyone. After all, that is what religion is all about isn't it? Influence and power.

Why in the hell do you see the need to take money away from nonsecular groups that offer services that your judgment-happy, prejudice, hateful ass won’t help.

You know what groups I’m talking about.

Who’s going to help them? Who's going to help these people that you don't deem 'worthy'? Or are we just going to say fuck'em. If they don’t believe in what we believe in, then no help for them. Well, cause that’s what’s gonna happen.

The president and his cronies will say that it’s open to any religion. Yea, how much can you possible believe in that. Guess what religion will be represented in the committee that hands out the money? I’ll give you a hint, the government is dominated by Christian conservative republicans and they really seem to like their little club.

And Mr. President, you’re not that slick. You think you are, but not through the eyes of the Pup. I see your dumbass trying to sneak shit by. I’ve read your religious-based initiative. It’s not only about getting the government to start sponsoring the Christian agenda, but you’ve also sneaked some stuff in there haven’t you?

Shit like you are allowed to not hire someone purely based on religious beliefs. The reasoning was that it wouldn’t ‘fit’ with your religious organization. Hiring and firing decisions based on religion, that’s just fuckentastic. If you don’t see how this is a very bad thing, then there’s really no hope for you. Way to beat back civil rights you ass!

The way you’re running this government and are shaping it is in NO WAY any different than those they have in Iran. Those you say are 'wrong'. I guess we've all just misunderstood you. You're saying Iran isn't wrong for having a faith-based governement, it's just the wrong faith... Now I gotcha.

What freedoms we have were fought for way before you were here W. The same ones you talk about instilling in other country are the ones you’re replacing with your mightier than thou Christian beliefs.

In your years as president you have done NOTHING to give the American people more freedom or liberty that you so love to speak about. You have given us fear, wars, prejudices, an ego-centric mentality, intolerance, made all our former friends look at us with disgust, and lead us ever closer to a religious conservative state.

I point my anger at the president, but I know it’s not him. I know who you all are that’s behind this. I’ll find you. I’ll find a way to get you, and if not me. Someone will.

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