Monday, March 14, 2005

She’s drooling and her nipples are hard.

That’s one of the best responses I’ve ever heard describing someone who’s about to talk to me.

So the Maddness has begun. The brackets are out! I’m SO excited. The wonderful beautiful thing that is the NCAA tournament is about to start. It doesn’t matter what seat you’re in, as long as you’re at the dance.

Just win your games. It’s put up or shut up time baby!

I spent most of last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday watching basketball and drinking. Mmmmm… drinking. There’s really no better way to spend a day than to drink beers and yell at a television.

The only minor drawback to this weekend is that I’m not usually watching the same games as everyone else around me. Naturally, people from here are big Kansas, Iowa or other Big 12 fans. Being from the South, I’m much more interested in the ACC and SEC games than I am with the silly Big 12 games (since they're SO not going to get very far in the tournment).

So as people are cheering for one game, I’m watching another. It’s pretty awkward when people are quite during a commercial or something during one game, and I’m yelling “get a damn rebound damn it!!! Re-fucking-bound!!! Would it kill you to box someone out?! Damn monkey fucks!”

Good thing I was drunk and didn’t really care.

If you thought I was unproductive last Thursday and Friday, just you wait till this Thursday and Friday.

I had another dream last night involving zombies. I was trapped in some house with a few other people, and there are zombies everywhere outside. They haven’t really discovered where we were yet, so we’re just hiding out. The zombies keeps looking through the blinds, but I guess they don't see us. The last thing I remembered when I was talking to this guy and he was leaning by the door. All of a sudden, an arm comes through the door and drags him out. After that, all the othe zombies comes storming into the room.

I remembered I had a 2x4 with a big nail in one end. I charged the zombies, but then I woke up just before I struck one of them.

Anyone care to do some dream interpretation on that? I’ve looked up some books and internet sites but there’s nothing about what zombies represents in a person’s dreams.

Have a good Monday!

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