Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bombardment of Information

I don’t know if I’ve blog about this before, and I’m much too lazy to look at my old posts so I’ll just go with it.

In our society today, we are constantly being bombarded with information. Everywhere we go there’s information about something. Bla bla bla.. a big diarrhea of information. We are constantly being informed of something. However, that something is usually crap. White noise to keep our minds working and just occupied enough where we don’t need to think, but yet there’s really no real thinking going on. Basically a zombie-a-fication of people.

I think as a society, this is a real problem that of course no one will ever care about.

The problem is with information. There’s that old saying that you can’t have too much information or knowledge. Well, as with most things old, I don’t believe this applies to the world today and is just plain wrong.

No one needs to know most of the crap that are being fed to them. Most are simply useless information.

Let’s put on our conspiracy hats shall we? Here’s a couple that I’ve come up with for the reasons why there are so much information out there yet it seems people are becoming less informed of important things.

With the bombardment of useless crap information, the government is better able to hide actual important information that we need to know. Among the masses of irrelevant information, the real informative information is lost among all the static. They are able to keep information such as how corrupt and wrong they always seem to be easily hidden from the masses.

This flooding of information also serves the great purpose of zombie-a-ficating the masses. The load of information that we all receive occupies our minds just enough that we don’t actually do anything thinking for ourselves. With longer working hours and more complicated lives, we simply don’t have the time or the capacity to filter out all the crap and to analyze what is actually important. This lack of thinking makes us nothing more than zombies.

Even more sadly, I believe that as a species, we’re having less and less original thought. Not because everything has been thought of, but just that we simply don’t do it anymore. There’s just too much information out there, or at least a perception there of. There’s an assumption that everything’s on the internet. So there’s no need to think. No need to create anything new and unique anymore. Or at least that’s the perception

This is a dangerous proposition and trend. A society without any original thought. Sure there are new technologies and things that comes out constantly, but that’s not what I speak of. It’s the little things that each person contributes to the whole. There’s simply less people doing the thinking for the masses than ever before.

With this pattern of thought and complacency, there’s nowhere we as a people can go. Nowhere we can advance. In the place of a lack of advancement in our society, that’s where we see this resurgence of religion.

In a way, that’s what religion does to many people. Before you get all up in my case about this, it’s true, and I said many. Not all. Crazy religious people = zombies. Think about it, it’s not that big of a stretch.

Ok, that was a tangent. Back to the issue at hand.

What can we do about this bombardment of information? The answer? Nothing really. With information moving faster and more wide-reaching than ever before, we’ve developed a hunger for information. A hunger to know everything within our fingertips at any time. This is a disease that’s going to be harder to shake than crack in the early 90s.

Oh well… what’re you gonna do? Like many problems that exists today that we seem to have no problem ignoring, we won’t know that this is a problem until it’s too late.

Perhaps this isn’t a problem at all and it’s just me. This could certainly be the case.

I’m just gonna sit back and have me a pint.

Happy Thursday!

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