Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Meetings are fun!

Sitting here in this meeting. Oh.. why is it soooo long? I probably should be taking notes or paying attention. I hope they don’t call on me to answer anything cause I’m gonna have to give’em the ol’ “I’m sorry, what was that again?”

Goodness, why does that lady talk so much? I swear she loves hearing herself talk. Blady bla bla.... No, it doesn’t make you seem any more important or smarter, you’re just annoying the crap out of everyone by repeating what others have said. Shut the hell up already!

Yea, I’m looking at ya and smiling and nodding. I do not understand the words that are coming outa your mouth though. Go ahead, keep talking. Nothin’ coming in. I’ll just sit here and type. Man, I look so studious.

Oh.. here comes Mr. Pessimist again. Yea, nothing’s going to work, people will all be up in arms and hate it, it all sucks, bla bla bla... Must be hard living with you, and of course he’s married. Everyone here seems to be.

Whoa, look at the ring on her. Her hubby must be stacked. What the hell is she doing working? She can pawn that thing and live on an island for a couple of years. Run woman run! Tropical paradise and fruity drinks with umbrella awaits!

You know all those people that seem to have incredible amounts of time to waste and be protesting things? Not just here, but all over the world. They seriously need a job. If they were working, I swear there wouldn’t be nearly as much protesting.

As much as I’m passionate about some issues, after a 10 hour day, I ain’t protesting. I’m just not. Maybe a ranty post on the blog, but nothing that would make me go out and stand outside somewhere screaming.

It could just be me not being committed enough, but I want to veg. out in front of the TV for a while, eat some food, and grab a beer. If I’m lucky, talk to the chica, and wish people didn’t live so far away. That’s it though. No protesting here. I’m sure most working people can side with me on this one.

Oh... when is this ever going to end. Why do people call 3 hour meetings? Argh.... I can’t believe you’re still reading this.

Just answered a question from the pessimistic guy. Damn you and your end of the world scenarios. No, I don’t know what we’ll do if there’s a Godzilla attack on our cell phone towers. I guess people will have to deal with not having phone coverage while we try to get rid of this giant monster stomping through the city. EXCUUUUUUSSSE Me.

Oh.. another question. I think I sounded either brilliantly, or like a dumbass. No middle ground with that answer.

Getting sleepy…

Wha? Huh? Oh.

Nice meeting all of you. See you later!

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