Sunday, March 27, 2005

It’s Tru, It’s Tru!!

Friday afternoon after work I went over to Best Buy with my boss to go drool over the new Play Station Portable (PSP). I was SO excited when the guy at the store handed it to me. The first thing I was thinking after I stop drooling was, “ Ok, I’ll kick him in the nads and make a run for it.” Then I remembered my boss was there, so probably not a good idea.

My boss was encouraging me to buy the thing. Albeit the most awesome thing I’ve ever held in my hands not on a woman, with the system and one game, it would be running a bit over $300! In case you didn’t know, I have a serious problem with buying any big items. Serious problems. It took me 1.5 years to buy a new TV.

So after a while of hogging the system and telling kids to bug off, my boss came up and said to me “Just get it. I pay you enough.” I looked at him with my puzzled looked (coincidently, it’s the same as my pooping look). “I’m sorry, you must have me confused with someone else. My boss doesn’t pay me crap.” It’s good to have a boss that thinks that’s funny.

So I got out of Best Buy empty handed again. :(

I was bored so I was driving around town on Saturday. Two things were occupying my mind. One I couldn’t really do anything about cause we haven’t developed any teleportation devices or flying cars like was promised on the Jetsons. Damn you and your lies Jetsons!!! The other thing was the PSP. How do I get it through my head that I should buy it?

Being that it was Easter, I asked myself. What would Jesus do? Just as I was thinking of all the things that he would do to get himself a PSP, I drove by a billboard that caught my attention. It was an advertisement for a casino. Yup, that’s it!! Jesus would go to a casino and make himself some money to pay for the PSP. I wouldn’t even be greedy. I’d make $200 and I’d put in that last $100. See, I’m not THAT cheap.

Then it dawned on me on my way to the casino that they’re not there for you to make money silly. They TAKE your money. D’oh!

It also dawned on me that I’ve got another strike on me going to hell thinking Jesus would gamble to win money for a PSP. Oh well, at least when I go, I’ll be in first class.

On other happy news, Tru Calling, a decent show staring Eliza Dushku, is coming back this Thursday!!! They had originally canceled the show after the first season, but I guess since FOX doesn’t really have anything else, Dushku is back!!!


Happy Easter Everyone!!

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